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SnoreZease- Snore No More with SnoreZease aromatherapy blend-Relaxation Island®

SnoreZease is an all natural blend of essential oils of Sweet Marjoram, Thyme, Pine, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Sweet Almond oil.

The proprietary blend will help to open up the airways by tightening up the Uvula and clearing the obstruction caused by the soft pallet to allow the snorer to breath easily and without any vibration of the Uvula. Pine Essential oil will help to clear the sinuses and clear any congestion. Lavender essential oil will help the snorer and their partner to have a deeper and better sleep.

SnoreZease will not be 100% effective for people diagnosed with Sleep Apnea.

We guarantee SnoreZease to be 100% effective for regular snorers and we offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee on our blend. 

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