Collection: Aromatherapy Diffuser Jars

What in the world is a diffuser jar you ask?

Relaxation Island's Aromatherapy diffuser jars are filled with a blend of essential oils and olive oil and saturated onto a biodegradable sponge. Its like having a portable, personal diffuser that requires no electricity to operate simply take the lid off and enjoy the natural aromas.

They have three basic uses: 

  1. They can be applied to the body as massage oils
  2. used as an natural air freshener to scent about 200 square feet
  3. used for their unique aromatherapy properties

How long dose a jar last?

The jars last about 6 months if left open all them time. Jars such as Snorezease and Lavender which would be used at night and capped in the morning will last one year or longer.