Collection: Nature Creations Aromatherapy Hot and Cold Packs

These hot and cold packs are what got Relaxation Island started. I had graduated from university and rented a kiosk in Metrotown Centre here in Vancouver. It was the humble beginnings where I worked every day for 14 months straight taking off only 1 day, Christmas Day as it was the only day the mall was closed. I didn't know it at the time but the quality and the smart design of these packs would garner many happy customers that kept coming back over the next 16 years and counting. 

We are proud to be an authorized dealer of Nature Creations hot and cold packs. All warranty and customer service with these packs is handled by us here in Vancouver, BC, Canada, so you can have peace of mind when purchasing them from us, and we ship world wide.

Why are these Heat Packs the best in the market? 

  • Filled with Flaxseed and Buckwheat - Flaxseed is an oil based seed that has the ability to hold heat better than rice or beans which are water-based. The wheat in the packs gives them a nice weight
  • Useful shapes and smart design - Stiched into channels the fillings don't slide around creating empty pockets so you get even coverage and superior ability to hold the heat due to reduced airflow through the filling. The smart shapes allow you to wear the packs while moving and getting on with life.
  • Long Lasting - When used with care and attention to instructions, proper storage and heating these packs can last for years. We provide you with a 1 year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Beautiful and calming scent - When warmed up these packs smell like a nice cup of sleepy time tea. The calming scent combined with the moist heat will soothe your muscles and nerves. We do not fill our packs with Lavender as this herb does not heat well over time and so without this herb the packs retains a nice scent for years.
  • Sensitive to scents? Not to worry our Shoulder Wraps and Basic Herb pack can come Unscented without any herbs. Look for them below.
  • Practical & Timeless- These types of heat packs have been around for centuries. In the old days they would fill sacks with cherry pits and heat them on the wooden stoves and use them as bed warmers. Even though once in while competition comes along claiming their product is the new thing ie. click heat gel packs etc. users soon realize that there is something timeless and practical with this simple invention. If it aint broke don't fix it it.... but you can improve it like we have.
  • Don't have a Microwave? No problem! These packs can be heated in a slow cooker or an Instapot. How? spray lightly with water and place inside the slow cooker on low heat. For the first time keep an eye on it to see how long it takes to reach the desired warmth so for subsequent times you can just set it and come back when its ready.