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Relaxation Island

Miracle Balm

Miracle Balm

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Nourish your skin with Miracle Balm. A truly natural balm made from wild harvested cottonwood buds that we harvest from Cottonwood trees by the Fraser River, BC. They are then Lunar infused in organic Sunflower oil for 6 months. The infused oil is blended with organic beeswax, vitamin E, essential Frankincense, Pine, Cedarwood and Fir Needle oil. 

Traditionally used by many indigenous peoples around the world, this balm is also mentioned in the Bible. The cottonwood buds have been in use for many centuries and have great properties for the skin.

Please read our customer reviews to learn about their experiences with our balm.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Miracle Balm

I love all of the balms from relaxation island, but if I had to pick a favourite, it would be the miracle balm. I had to buy a second, larger jar as my husband also started using it. Heals any cut or scrape quickly, great for chapped lips, burns or any skin irritation AND it smells amazing!

Victoria Fossum
Literal miracle balm!

Works so well on my kiddos sensitive skin!


I have super dry skin on my hands and have tried many moistures and lotions. I thought I would try this balm as I love their Devils balm for pain. Wow!!! All I have to do is put a very small amount on my hands, rub it in and my skin feels so soft! Takes all the dryness away. Calloused areas need a bit more but even those will feel better. This is an amazing product.

Eczema cure

Recently bought the miracle balm for my infant son from the women’s expo in chilliwack, figured I would give it a shot since I haven’t found anything that will work. My son suffers from eczema in his armpits, elbows and the backs of his knees. I can clearly see that he gets relief as soon as I apply the balm. Just put in my order for a bigger jar. Thank you!

Cools a burn and more!

I first used Miracle Balm for "road rash" after a fall. Recently I burned my hand in the kitchen and reached for Miracle Balm. It cooled the burn instantly. I used it daily until the burn healed. Miracle Balm is now a staple in my kitchen!

While healing my burn, I also tried Miracle Balm on a small bump on my arm that I had for over a year. Previously I tried everything to heal the bump, alcohol, witch hazel, Neosporin. Nothing worked. After a few days of using Miracle Balm, an ingrown hair popped out - amazing!

Miracle Balm is now my first choice for any and all skin issues.